Release Notes
  • 18 Mar 2024
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Release Notes

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LightBox Valuation launches major releases every quarter and minor releases monthly. See the below table for application and Product releases.


CategoryRelease Date
Major Themes
Release Notes
JobsMarch 29, 2024Optimized RIMSCentral QueryRelease Notes
ResearchMarch 28, 2024App picker, Updated Demographics
Report WriterMarch 26, 2024Standardized Dropdowns in Site/Improvements
JobsFebruary 22, 2024Last refreshed timestamp and ButtonRelease Notes
ResearchFebruary 29, 2024Hide unused Sections and Tabs
Report WriterFebruary 27, 2024Email Assignments, In-column job filtering
January 25, 2024Removed max of 500 Projects in ListRelease Notes
Report Writer
January 30, 2024Merge Duplicate Properties
December 14, 2023Manage auto-share delegatesRelease Notes
November 17, 2023Expand from 10 to 15 auto-delegatesRelease Notes
November 30, 2023Bug Fixes and Maintenance
Report Writer
November 29, 2023More Amenities, Fee import from Jobs
October 26, 2023Updated DemographicsRelease Notes
Report Writer
October 31, 2023Enhanced Attachments Interface
September 28, 2023Enhanced Image Captures
Release Notes
Report Writer
September 26, 2023Enhanced Unit Lease Grid
ResearchAugust 31, 2023Enhanced Review ReportRelease Notes
Report WriterAugust 29, 2023Duplicate Property Report
JobsJuly 13, 2023Loading TextRelease Notes
ResearchJuly 31, 2023Enhanced Project List
ResearchJune 29, 2023Remove Excess ParcelsRelease Notes
Report WriterJune 27, 2023Upload Excel Update
InsightsJune 22, 2023Application Chooser
ResearchMay 25, 2023Filter on Land Property TypesRelease Notes
Report WriterMay 30, 2023Autotext Management
JobsApril 13, 2023Tooltip aggregate for FeesRelease Notes
Report WriterApril 25, 2023Enhanced Lease Details Grid
JobsMarch 16, 2023Support for CountriesRelease Notes
ResearchMarch 30, 2023Maintenance & Fixes
Report WriterMarch 28, 2023Maintenance & Fixes
JobsFebruary 24, 2023Application Chooser
Release Notes
ResearchFebruary 23, 2023Skip Verification Workflow
Report WriterFebruary 28, 2023New Amenities Checkboxes
CashFlowFebruary 22, 2023Argus Import Reconciliation
JobsJanuary 19, 2023Edit RFPs and Edit in BulkRelease Notes
ResearchJanuary 26, 2023Delete all Buildings
Report WriterJanuary 31, 2023Radius Search
InsightsJanuary 18, 2023Added Data Source to Reports
JobsDecember 2, 2022Maintenance & Fixes
Release Notes
Research December 15, 2022Land & Improved Comps
JobsNovember 18, 2022Bulk Upload RFPsRelease Notes
Report WriterNovember 29, 2022Subject/Comp Comparison
JobsOctober 13, 2022Maintenance & Fixes
Release Notes
Report WriterOctober 25, 2022Classic Lease Search View
Research  October 27, 2022Maintenance & Fixes
JobsSeptember 29, 2022Added 'Go to RFP' in BIRelease Notes
Report WriterSeptember 27, 2022Thumbnails in Search Grid
Research  September 8, 2022New Site & Neighborhood Tab
CashFlowAugust 31, 2022Maintenance & Fixes
Release Notes
Report WriterAugust 30, 2022Enhanced Image Widget
InsightsAugust 29, 2022Maintenance & Fixes
JobsAugust 19, 2022Maintenance & Fixes
Report WriterJuly 26, 2022Group or Duplicate Lease SearchRelease Notes
Research  July 14, 2022Usable/Excess Land SF Measurement
JobsJuly 14, 2022Edit and Delete Jobs
Report WriterJune 28, 2022Standard Dropdown in Custom PagesRelease Notes
InsightsJune 22, 2022Interface Enhancements
CashFlowMay 20, 2022Interface Enhancements
Release Notes
JobsMay 20, 2022Bulk Actions and Filters
Report WriterMay 31, 2022Enhanced Lease Search Grids
JobsApril 14, 2022Bulk Upload JobsRelease Notes
Research  April 14, 2022New Market Tab
Report Writer
April 26, 2022Property Search Enhancements
Report WriterMarch 29, 2022Enhanced Property Search GridsRelease Notes
 CashFlowMarch 10, 2022CashFlow Launch
JobsMarch 10, 2022CashFlow Integration
Jobs February 11, 2022Column Chooser and Export to ExcelRelease Notes
Research February 2, 2022Historical Tax Data
Report WriterJanuary 27, 2022Support for Tax History
Report WriterDecember 17, 2021Bulk Contacts ImportRelease Notes
Report WriterNovember 19, 2021Enhanced Job Manager GridRelease Notes
Research   October 12, 2021Support for Multi-Unit/CondosRelease Notes
Report WriterOctober 8, 2021Resolve Duplicate Subject Data Conflicts
Research   September 9, 2021Tax Maps and Seismic DataRelease Notes
Report Writer
September 13, 2021Support for Seismic Fields
Report WriterAugust 27, 2021Target Duplicate Subject Properties
Research   August 5, 2021Adjust Latitude/LongitudeRelease Notes
Report WriterJuly 30, 2021Type Ahead in Property Search Fields
Research   July 12, 2021New Improvements TabRelease Notes
Report Writer
July 9, 2021Support for Multiple Buildings
Research   June 4, 2021Topography Base MapRelease Notes
Report WriterMay 28, 2021Support for Multiple Zones
Jobs   May 14, 2021Auto-Share Jobs and RFPsRelease Notes
Research   May 12, 2021Delete Zoning Records
Insights April 29, 2021Maintenance & Fixes
Release Notes
Jobs         April 15, 2021Enhanced RFP and Jobs GridsRelease Notes
Research     April 6, 2021Measure Frontages
Report Writer April 9, 2021Auto-Import Research Maps to Word
Report Writer March 26, 2021Support for Sub-Parcels import to ExcelRelease Notes
Insights March 25, 2021Saved Queries/Filters
Jobs     March 5, 2021Share an RFP or Job with a team memberRelease Notes
Research   March 5, 2021E-mail when Verification is Complete
Jobs     January 15, 2021Bidding Intelligence ModuleRelease Notes
Research   January 27, 2021
Report Writer January 29, 2021Multi- Property Types in Search
InsightsJanuary 29, 2021Interface Enhancements
Jobs                  December 09, 2020Enhanced Map FeaturesRelease Notes
Research          December 30, 2020New Demographics Tab
Report Writer    December 18, 2020Property Type Categories for Unit Lease
Insights          December 21, 2020Support for RFPs from the Jobs app.
Jobs       November 12, 2020 
Release Notes
Report Writer   November 20, 2020
Insights    November 30, 2020 

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