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  • 29 May 2023
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Measure Tool

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Article Summary

Use the Measure Tool to accurately measure any parcel or any area (polygon or circle) or line that you draw on the map. You might use this tool to measure a parcel such as development property or a parking area. Or simply draw a line to measure the street frontage of a building.

To quickly measure more than one parcel, drawing, or feature on the map, click Measure On in the Drawing icon menu. LandVision™ measures each property, shape or feature that you click on - one at a time. To turn off this option, click Measure Off on the same menu.
LandVision™ displays measurements that are less than 2 acres in square feet, and more than 2 acres in acres.

Measuring Parcels

To turn ON the lot area measurements:

  1. Identify the property you would like to measure, either by clicking on a parcel or through a property search.
  2. In the Location Information Panel. Click the link next to the Lot Area to toggle on perimeter, and area measurements.
  3. After clicking the lot area measurement, the labels display the perimeter and area of the parcel and the individual segments of the parcel border.

To turn OFF the measurements:

  1. Click the same measurement link next to the Lot Area to toggle off the measurements.

Measuring Drawings

There are two ways to measure drawings:

  • Create a new drawing (polygon, line, or circle) on the map, and then measure it.
    - OR -
  • Click on a drawing that is already on the map, and then measure it.

Measure a new drawing:

  1. First draw a polygon, line, or circle (from the Draw icon menu options).
  2. After you finish the drawing click on the Draw icon to open up the menu again.
  3. At the bottom of the menu, click Turn Measure On. Depending on the type of drawing, LandVision™ displays the following measurements:
  • Polygon: perimeter, area, and individual segments of the perimeter
  • Line: length of the line
  • Circle: circumference, radius, and area

Measure a drawing that is already on the map:

  1. Click on the drawing (polygon, line, or circle).
  2. Click Measure On in the Drawing icon menu.
LandVision™ immediately measures the drawing when you click on it if the measure tool is already on.

To turn off the measure tool:

  • Click Measure Off on the Drawing icon menu.

To delete a polygon, line, or circle:
  1. Click on the drawing.
  2. Click the Delete button on the drawing toolbar.
Additional Tips & Notes:
  • Depending on the shape or size of a measured parcel or drawing, you may have to zoom in for a clearer view of the measurement labels.
  • Print the map with the measure tool on if you need to keep a record of the measurements displayed in the measurement labels.
  • The toolbar also contains options for quick measurements. These measurements can't be printed and will disappear as soon as you move the map.

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