LandVision Zoning
  • 12 Oct 2023
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LandVision Zoning

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Article Summary

The LightBox zoning data layer is available as an add-on to LandVision. Please contact your LandVision representative to add zoning data to your account.

Zoning Overview

Zoning data is a critical piece of the decision-making process for CRE, broker and builder/developer markets. It provides insights into what a property is zoned for, zoning districts, setback requirements, floor area ratio (FAR), building height, and more. This data, when utilized with LandVision’s powerful property analysis tools, offers customers a more robust view of parcels without the time consuming, costly, and tedious collection of zoning information. Having this dataset may even serve to bring this part of a client's workflow in-house so that the data collection does not have to be outsourced.

LandVision Zoning is a nationwide data layer that can provide insights into:

  • What a property is zoned for
  • Zoning districts
  • Setback requirements
  • Density/floor area ratio (FAR) requirements
  • Building height requirements
  • Permitted uses
  • Governing jurisdiction information

For more information, please see our FAQ page.

Zoning Overview Video
(Best viewed at full screen)

The LightBox Method

LightBox zoning data is collected at the jurisdiction level on a national scale. Our dedicated zoning data acquisition team researches jurisdictions in a target area one-by-one, looking for the zoning ordinance and zoning map for each.

When a zoning map source is located, it is overlaid with parcel data in-house. This will allow users to know the zoning code for a specific location. By using the zoning code from the zoning governing jurisdiction, users can access the corresponding ordinance details we have collected.

Zoning Data Layers

To view and toggle the Zoning Data Layers on/off, click the Layers icon on the toolbar.
In the Zoning section there are several options that can be toggled on or off visually on the map:
  • Labels: Zoning Boundary
    • Shows a label representing the zoning code at the center of a zone boundary.
  • Zoning Boundary
    • Shows the visual areas that a specific zone covers.
  • Coverage Map
    • Shows the visual areas that LandVision provides zoning for.

LandVision Zoning Card

The Zoning Card is a new addition to the Property Panel where users have the ability to get a comprehensive view of the zoning data to help understand zoning requirements and better assess opportunities. 

Field NameExample
Zoning JurisdictionCity - Chicago, IL
Ordinance DocumentHyperlink to - Offers more detailed county level zoning information
Zoning CategoryOffice, Residential, etc.
Zoning CodeR-80, C2-1VL, etc. - This is dependent on individual counties
Zoning DistrictCommercial
Zoning DescNeighborhood Commercial District
Zoning Density/FAR2.0
Zoning Desnity/FAR Desc2.0; 1 du/acre
Zoning Summary"To provide for the development of regional-serving retail, personal service, and office uses. This district is not intended to be located in areas of low density residential development."
Permitted UsesPermitted uses include but are not limited to: Religious Facility, Gas Station, Bank, General Retail, Housing - Group, Housing - Multiple Units, Housing - Senior, Housing - Student, Office, Educational / School
Max Site Coverage60 percent; Aboveground parking structures are included in lot coverage calculations; surface parking lots and underground parking structures are not.
Min Lot Area
  • Single family: 3000 sq ft
  • Duplex: 3000 sq ft
  • Multifamily: No separate bedroom: 1000 sq ft
  • One bedroom: 1400 sq ft
  • Two bedrooms: 1800 sq ft
  • More than two bedrooms (Add this amount for each bedroom over two): 200 sq ft
Max Building Height30ft, 2.5 stories
Front Setback Distance10 ft; 20 ft from a residential district
Side Setback Distance
  • (aa) five feet for duplex structures
  • (bb) 10 feet for multifamily structures 36 feet or less in height
  • (cc) no minimum in all other cases.
Rear Setback Distance
  • (aa) 10 feet for duplex structures
  • (bb) 15 feet for multifamily structures 36 feet or less in height
  • (cc) no minimum in all other cases
Ordinance as of5/30/2019
Boundary as of4/21/2020
Zoning Boundary TypeBase

Searching the Zoning Data

Areas where zoning information is available can be searched for by Zoning Code and/or Zoning Category using the Zoning Search and filters.

Step 1: Opening the Zoning Search

  • Click on the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the menu bar to open the search window.
  • In the drop-down menu of the search window,
    select Zoning Search
  • Click the OK button.

Step 2: Entering Search Values

  • Enter up to a total of 8 zoning codes: 
    • Up to 4 with any formatting or punctuations.
    • Or up to 4 with no formatting or punctuations.
    • Or up to 8 as a combination of the two types.

  • Select a Zoning Category from the checkbox field.
    You can use both the Zoning Code and Zoning Category filters in combination with each other.

  • Click the Apply Filter button to conduct the search.

Step 3: Search Results

The search result zones that match the search filter criteria will be outlined in green by default.

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