• 25 May 2023
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Locate options can automatically bring users to their desired area on the map depending on the access of their subscription

If users locate to an area that has a white/gray overlay instead of a clear aerial image, then this means they are located in an area that has not been added to their contract. Please contact the account manager to find out current coverage and cost of adding additional county or stat

AddressEnter the full address or select it from the auto-complete (ex: 9501 Research Dr, Irvine, CA)

City/County/StateEnter the city or county name followed by the state abbreviation (ex: Fresno County, CA

IntersectionEnter the street intersections separated by an "&" and include the city and state abbreviation (ex: Bison Ave & Jamboree Rd, Newport Beach, CA)

Point of InterestEnter a public location (ex: Disneyland)

APNInsert or choose "APN" followed by a colon and the parcel number (ex: APN: 123456)

Note: To use APN search, the map view must reside within the county/city that the parcel is located
Owner NameEnter the owner's last name followed by first name (ex: Smith, John

Note: The map view must be within a five mile view overhead for owner locate to work
Latitude/LongitudeEnter in decimal degrees with Latitude first and Longitude second with a separation by comma (ex: 33.67474, -117.88395)

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