Commands & Quick Links
  • 25 May 2023
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Commands & Quick Links

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The Commands and Quick Links are the blue links located on the cards within the Information Panel that appears when a parcel is selected. They provide users the ability to perform single property analysis and gather more information on a site. Learn more about each below.

Commands & Quick Links

Add to ListAdds the selected record to the results list for the layer
Adj. Lots OwnedIf the property owner owns adjacent lots, the number of lots and sum of their acreage will be shown in a blue link. Click the link to add the adjacent lots owned to a results list, and display on the map.
APNSelecting the link on the APN will generate a Full Property Detail Report
Bird's EyeOpens a bird's eye, oblique, or aerial image of the selected property in a separate window
Note: Bird's eye is sourced from Microsoft Bing Maps and may not be available at all locations
BuildingsSelecting the link for Buildings will enable the Buildings Layer (Zoom level must be within 100ft overhead to view this layer)
Copy GeometryCopies the selected record's geometry to another layer
Create Map Exhibit*Allows users to easily create a map exhibit of retail logos in the surrounding area
Design CardsAllows users the ability to specify the fields that display on the card and what order they appear. Formerly called Edit This Surface.
Document Images**
Available as an add-on, allows users to access the Deed documents for properties.
Edit Attributes
Allows changes to the field attributes for the markup layer
Edit GeometryAllows the geometry of the selected feature to be edited and requires write access to the selected layer
Exclude AreaAllows the geometry of the selected feature to be excluded from the search filter. An optional buffer can be applied around the feature to exclude a specified radius around the feature.
Find Comparables*Allows the user to choose a property and use the attributes of that property to find similar properties. This functionality works across county lines.
Full Property DetailChoosing this link generates a report on a parcel that may contain site information provided via county assessor
Note: Available fields are dependent on a per county basis with what they record and submit to third parties
HazardsSelecting this link provides a secondary information panel with possible hazard information to see details on (ex: Flood, Wetlands, Superfund Sites, etc)
Last Market SaleSelecting this link generates a Transaction History Report on the parcel if available
List UnitsAdds all additional records or units at the property to a list. This is an applicable command when there are multiple addresses or properties that are found on a master parcel. This is useful when researching shopping centers with a range of addresses or condos.
Measure / Lot AreaAllows the selected feature to have measurements turn on or off. The measurement is static and will stay on that parcel until the command is clicked again.
Opportunity ZoneSelecting this link enables the Qualified Opportunity Zone layer to be visible on the map view
Owner LookupSelecting this option takes you to the website: which provides Owner information from the Secretary of State
Owner Portfolio*Adds all properties that share ownership to a list.
Property Detail ReportDisplays a printable report of the full property details
Search AreaAllows the user to restrict the search to the selected property and add an applied buffer or radius around the property.
Seller LookupSelecting this option takes you to the website: which provides Seller information from the Secretary of State
Shared Documents
Allows users to upload and share documents at a location, between everyone in their organization
Shared Notes
Allows users to write and share notes at a location, between everyone tied to the same company's LandVision account
Site Profile ReportAllows the user to create a customizable PDF report that includes various details of a property including transaction history, property details, demographics data (within a defined trade area, or drive time), and more
Tax Map**Available as an add on, this feature downloads an exact copy of the assessor tax map from a third party who retrieves these from the county
TrafficSelecting this link enables the Traffic 2017 layer on the map view 
Transaction HistoryOpens a new page with the transaction history for the property, shows all recent arms length and non-arms length transfers

*This command is only available in the LandVision Commercial Real Estate and Builder Developer Editions.
**This command is available as a premium add-on. Contact your Account Manager for more info.

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