Builder Sites
  • 05 Jul 2023
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Builder Sites

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The Builder Sites layer and complimenting search filter allows LandVision users to view and look for areas within the U.S that are undergoing development by over 300 builders. Clients that sign up for LandVision Builder Developer Edition or opt to add this feature to their Commercial Edition will be able to utilize this dataset for finding specific communities being developed, who is building it, and pricing with square feet averages. In addition there are links to the Builder websites as well as to the communities. With this feature our customers save time and make informed strategic decisions. 

Builder Sites Layer

  • To find the Builder Sites layer, just scroll down within your Layers Menu to find it and enable it to make the builder logos and icons visible on the map. 
  • You can see the builder information by enabling your tooltip toggle and then select an icon/logo to view details (this will highlight it green when clicked on)
If you do not see the Builder Sites layer or its search filter, please contact your account manager or reach out to to inquire about gaining access  

Builder Sites Search Filter

With the Builder Sites layer you can easily find the locations of where different builders are nationwide.  You also have the option of using the Builder Sites Search Filter to allow you to narrow down by the builder name, community name, asking price, home size, and home type. To access this filter:

1. Select Search from the Main Toolbar

2. At the top of the form that appears, choose the Builder Sites filter from the dropdown options

3. Expand the Categories (Builder Name, Community, Asking Price, Home Size, Home Type) by clicking directly on them 

4. Insert or fill out what you need to find and choose OK from the form or Apply Filter from the shortcut toolbar to execute the search within your map view

5. Your result will identify the logo/icon and highlight in blue. You then have the option to add your results to a list (see associated documentation here

Zoom out or zoom in to narrow down your search results

We display logos for the top 50 Builders and the remainder receive a generic house icon

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