LightBox API Documentation
  • 14 Oct 2023
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LightBox API Documentation

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Welcome to the LightBox Data Platform knowledge base. From quickstart guides to videos, this resource center provides all the tools you need to understand, implement, and manage the powerful LightBox Data Platform. 

The LightBox Data Platform is a comprehensive geographic, spatial, and environmental, property data and property due-diligence support solution. A single platform that transforms the way organizations of all sizes solve their geospatial needs.

  • Locate: LightBox APIs provide access to the most comprehensive set of property characteristics, tax parcel, building footprints, related address universe and spatial & environmental data on the market.
  • Analyze: Gain a deeper understanding of all facets of the data, along with location intelligence and workflow solutions to help you move forward more quickly and with fewer onsite resources.
  • Act: Work with the highest degree of confidence knowing that you have access to all of the relevant data sets and detailed analytics one needs to act on critical business decisions.
Not all datasets below are currently available through the LightBox APIs. If you see something that you would like in a API but is not supported please let your LightBox Contacts know. 

Determine the relevant addresses, structures, and parcels for the subject target property. 


Spatially intersect and entity-match the property with elements of our enrichment layer. 


Connect the property to equity, debt, and other components of the security layer using our knowledge graph. 


Leverage geospatial models to recognize relevant hazards and other data from our environmental layer.

  • Parcel boundaries
  • Building footprints
  • Metadata (height, ground elevation, area, etc.)
  • High-resolution address and location fabric
  • Residential & commercial sites
  • Assessment data
  • Current and Historical transaction data
  • Zoning data
  • Jurisdictional boundaries
  • Current and Historical business occupancy
  • Residential demographic insight
  • Natural/man-made hazards and risks
  • Readily link our data to your own business data
  • Equity: True ownership data
  • Debt: Lender/debt holder, debt terms, loan to value, etc.
  • Leasing data
  • Comparables
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Environmental data
  • Hazard data
  • Flood data
  • Historical aerials
  • Sanborn maps
  • Topography