LightBox Overview
  • 14 Oct 2023
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LightBox Overview

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One Source.
Endless possibilities

Unlock insight with accurate and comprehensive data to streamline your property-related operations.

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Welcome to the LightBox data documentation portal. This knowledge center provides key documentation points around many subjects that include but are not limited to, LightBox data, our collection methodologies, documentation on each data product and try to convey the many nuances of the datasets that you will be working with. 

New to the site? LightBox Data Getting Started Guide

This site is broken down into four main sections

  1. The first section, LightBox Data (current location), outlines general data topics that include collection techniques, key data nuances, and many other articles around LightBox data.
  2. The second section, LightBox Data Products, contains articles covering specific data products, along with data dictionaries, documentation, best practices and much more.
  3. The third section, LightBox API Documentation,  contains articles specific to the LightBox APIs, along with API documentation, best practices and other topics around APIs.
  4. The fourth section, Frequently Asked Questions,  frequently asked questions (FAQ) articles to help convey information that LightBox clients are curious about.

Why LightBox?

The most comprehensive set of property characteristics, tax parcels & building footprints, and spatial & environmental data.
A deeper understanding of all facets of the data along with location intelligence & a simplified workflow to help you move forward.
Know that you have the most comprehensive dataset & most detailed analytics so you can act on decision with the highest degree of confidence.

LightBox Data



Unlock location intelligence through:

Data management

  • Save time and resources with a unique, persistent, identifier built on a consistent data model.
  • Use deeply analyzed data and generate only the content that is most relevant to your needs.

Future proof

  • As your business changes, you always have the ability to scale your access to connected data across public, third party and LightBox content.
  • Stay ahead of the times and remain competitive whatever the market.

Multi-channel delivery

Access to proprietary & third party data sets

  • Complete your location intelligence needs with access to extensive connected datasets, all in one place.
  • Integrate third party data into a single connected source.

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